South Wind Crew



There are 15 crews, 130 paddlers, registered in this brigade. The paddlers come from all across Canada.

The Canoe Crews:

“Kapukasing”, from Almonte, Ontario. Captain: Ray Dallaire 26′ North Canoe

“Salish Sea Voyageurs”, from Victoria, BC Captain: James (Skeeter) McEvoy 26′ North Canoe; Salish Sea Voyageurs out of Victoria BC have paddled in many brigades over the last 10 years. Team consists of 6 from Victoria and 2 from Ottawa. We will be paddling in each province on our way to Kingston to celebrate our country’s 150th. We look forward to meeting all of you this summer.

“Raphaelle”, from Pike Lake, Ontario Captain: Kay Rogers 26′ North Canoe

“Men of Muriel”, from Edmonton, Alberta Captain: Gord Pennycook 26′ North Canoe

5 brothers with big hearts: Gord from Daysland AB, Ray from Oakbank MB, Lorne from Orleans ON, Neil from Carrot River, SK, Lyle from Devon AB, Plus 2 paddling friends from AB: Laura Pehrson from Edmonton AB and Bev Randers from Sundre AB

The team is named after the mother of the Pennycook brothers, Muriel, from Carrot River, SK.

“Songsters”, from Perth, Ontario Captain: Kay Rogers 26′ North Canoe

“Allouette’, From Perth, Ontario Captain Kay Rogers 36′ Voyageur Canoe

Barrie Canoe and kkayak Club Crew 1 Captain John Rankin 26′ North Canoe

Barrie Canoe and Kayak Club Crew 2 Captain John Rankin 26′ North Canoe

Barrie Canoe and kayak Club Crew 3 Captain: John Rankin 36′ Voyageur Canoe

Saugeen paddlers Club Crew 1 Captain| Ed Maxwell 26′ North Canoe

Saugeen Paddlers Club Crew 2; Captain| Ed Maxwell 26\ North Canoe

“Stargazers” from Chelsea, Quebec Captain Stephan Moresoli 26′ North Canoe

“Blue Herons”, from all over Canada! Captain: Shirley Walsh 36′ Voyageur

“Painted Turtles” from all over Canada! Captain: Liz Elton 36′ Voyageur

Parks Canada Crew Captain: Don Mackay 26′ North Canoe

Special Guest Paddlers and Speakers:

Simon Lunn, wildlife photographer and biologist (June 24, Hotel Kenny)

Don Mackay, Parks Canada, lacksmith, historian, and canalman (June 27, Smiths Falls)

Surveyor General Branch of Canada – “How did human position themselves on the face of the earth over time?” (June 25, Newboro)

Noel Alfonso, aquatic biologist, Canadian Museum of Nature (June 29, Kemptville)

David Shanahan, Merrickville, First Nations historian (June 28, Merrickville)

Lin Kulkarni and Anita payne, our Climate Change Gals: (June 30, Black Rapids)

Our Brigade Photographer: David Zimmerly, Perth, Ontario

Rosemary Lay, our Chief Emergency Medical Officer