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The EAST WIND Voyageur Canoe Brigade is an RA Canoe Camping Club event (www.raccc.ca)

June 25th– July 1st from Hudson, Quebec (just west of Montreal) to gather with 200 + paddlers from the North, South and West Wind Brigades on the Ottawa River behind Parliament Hill. (5 days of 20-25 kms and 1 day of 45 kms.).
The East Wind Brigade follows an ancient route on the mighty Ottawa River, traveled for over 6,000 years by First Nations peoples and the past few hundred years by Voyageurs.  While the route takes us past historical sites and the same hills and rivers that Voyageurs saw centuries ago we will paddle this route with acknowledgement and respect for the people and nations who were here long before any voyageur arrived.
Our journey ends at a site steeped in history. Asinabke (AKA Victoria island ) located in the heart of Ottawa, has been a gathering place through thousands of years and is still today an important spiritual centre for the Algonquin People.

Our team has 16 experienced canoe trippers. We will paddle two beautiful 26 foot Rabaskas (Voyageur canoes), camp each night along the route, prepare our group meals, support each other throughout the trip and enjoy special features and points of interest along our route.

All participants collaborate on all trip responsibilities before, during and after the trip,  including costs, transportation, meals, camping logistics, safety and communications, evening entertainment, canoe care, carpooling to our starting point in Hudson, Quebec and from our end point in Ottawa – Gatineau region.

Cost: approximately $250 to include canoe rental, camping fees, locking fees around Carillon dam, some group equipment costs and miscellaneous group expenses.
Additional cost per person:   Food: we all collaborate per menu planning, preparation-packaging and cooking.  Tansport to putin (Cap St-Jacques) and from the take out in Ottawa (exact site TBD) and meals if we stop at a restaurant or snack bar…
Guest Fee per Non RACCC Members: $25 for the week

A participant information package with equipment list is available.
click here.
(e.g. bring your own PFD aka: Life Jacket, paddle, camping gear, snacks, water bottles.. etc)
Paddling Instruction:
Voyageur Canoe Paddling Instruction will be provided before as well as during our trip to solidify basic and more advanced paddling techniques, to encourage paddlers to learn how to stern and bow a `big canoe`.
Here are several videos for participants to review prior to our trip:
Big Canoe Paddling       Canoe Rescue

Big Canoe Performance: stern paddling


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