East Wind Crew



Our team has 16 experienced canoe trippers and 2 support drivers.

East Wind Coordinator – Dot Bonnenfant
Itinerary Coordinator – Les Braden
RACCC and RA Liaison – Phil Cutfield
Treasurer Team: Joanna and Anatoly
Kitchen and Meal Plan coordinators:  Judy O, Lee Ann, Catherine J
Canoe Security Team:  Salome and Phil
Power Captain: Salome?
Camp and Boat Water Captain: Bruce  (INfo below)
Carpooling coordinator: Helen
First Aid Team: Dot, Michele, Les
Safety Coordinator: Dot and TBD
Support Vehicle Drivers:  Karen and Kathy

Responsibilities of the Coordinator with Itinerary Coordinator:

  • set the schedule & itinerary
  • register Big Canoe crew & paddlers
  • assure the Safety Plan is followed (separate document)
  • book camp sites
  • organize events with local communities & presentations in the evenings
  • ensure the canoes have the requisite safety gear
  • ensure that each canoe has paddles, pfds, camping gear, & food
  • With Treasurer Team: manage the group finances & ensure the costs are shared equitably

 Responsibilities of the Canoe Crew Captains / Gouvernails

  • adhere to the Safety Plan; e.g.
    • provide safety gear listed below for each canoe plus cells phones
    • ensure canoes stay with the rest of the Brigade
  • ask paddlers if any have any health concerns the captain should know about; e.g. bee sting reactions
  • know where to easily find the first aid kit during the day

 Safety Gear for Each Canoe

  • 2 bailers (10-20 litre bucket with a handle & lid)
  • painters / ropes for the bow & stern & rope to tie gear in
  • 2 throw ropes / floating rope 15 metres long
  • 2 spare paddles
  • compass and Map of our route
  • watertight flashlight
  • first aid kit
  • air horn & cell phone
  • Night – Navigation lights: White – bow; Red – Starboard; Green – Port

 Responsibilities of the Power Captains

  • bring an outdoor extension cord & power bar to charge several devices at the same time
  • provide this equipment to paddlers who wish to charge their cameras etc.
  • verify that someone will “guard” the power bar while cameras are being charged

 Responsibilities of the Culinary Crew Captains

  • plan the meals, buy the food & pack the food for communal breakfasts, lunches & dinners for the group … all to be waterproofed
    • contact participants to identify any dietary or other special needs etc.
  • ensure adequate potable water
  • track the costs to be shared equitably among our group
  • provide the “kitchen” for the group
    • this includes “sourcing” components from group members
  • ensure the kitchen remains organized & is closed up appropriately after meals

We will rotate responsibilities for cooking meals & washing dishes.

Water crew:
Make sure our 2 jugs of water (1 for each canoe) are full each morning
In Camp:  full water jugs (2 sm, 1 lg) for cooking and washing
Sunday-Monday: Hudson; running potable water, fill jugs to have H20 at Carrillon..
Monday nite: Carrillon – may need to fill at the washrooms
Tuesday nite: L`Orignal – campsite – will have potable water somewhere
Wednesday Montebello:  check re: potable water in the washrooms
Thursday – Plaisance: will have potable water somewhere – need to find out where
Friday PM – Sat AM – Grace Church:  kitchen and washrooms! fill for next day`s journey