May 11: Connected by Canoe

Max Finkelstein had the opportunity to stern a 40-foot replica Haida dugout on the final leg of the Canadian Canoe Museum’s Connected By Canoe venture. see

On the final leg, a flotilla consisting of one 36′ voyageur canoe, 2 26′ canots du Nord, one Umiak, and a replica Haida ocean-going dugout, transported delegates from Dows Lake to the Community Foundations of Canada Conference ( This was a unique and wonderful opportunity to meet leaders from the foundation and philanthropic sector to Canada’s capital. The conference is an international gathering for new ideas and connections. What better way to kick this off than paddling together in big  canoes. What better way explore how we can strengthen our sense of belonging to each other and our communities. During the trip downtown, we were treated to Inuit throat-singing lessons and African folk songs. The Four Winds brigades are continuing this journey  of strengthening our sense of belonging to each other as a community of Canadians.


Max Finkelstein at the helm of a 40-foot Haida ocean canoe, May 11, Ottawa, by  Peter Croal



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